Software Development and Service

Our company develops desktop, mobile and online software solutions to solve various problems in the AEC industry. Our previous works have included BIM, building physics, building energy and monument preservation and survey applications.

Dynamic online atlas for building physics calculations

As questions of building energy and building performance become ever more important it is in the interest of both building product manufacturers, dealers and designing architects and engineers that the relevant technical information be communicated the most efficient an thorough way. Unfortunately, most design manuals provide only the most basic technical information, whereas the design of efficient - e.g. thermal bridge free - external envelope constructions demands much more knowledge.

The age of design manuals printed and distributed on paper is past, but static content downloadable form company websites is not a perfect solution either. It is very expensive and time consuming to keep documentation up to date. One potential solution for the field of building physics and building energy related design data is a dynamic online atlas: a online service to easily generate, update, store and disseminate relevant information and calculations.

With this dynamic online atlas of building physics calculation we provide a solution aimed directly at building product manufacturers, dealers and building envelope system integrators using our online software as service platform BPP (or Building Physics Platform).

This is not "jet another" thermal bridge simulation software you can already find on the market, but a completely online service that has much more to offer than simple individual calculations. The definition a new model can be richly parametrized so with a single input one can run thousands of different cases. After inputting the model and setting the desired type of calculations the simulations are done on the server automatically, and the results are stored in the cloud for easy and fast retrieval for the end user: the architect or engineer intending to use the company's products. The end user can use the defined parameters to customize the individual models in seconds to get an actual good match with his/her actual case, which is often not possible with simple printed or even static online documentations.

The calculation types implemented thus far are:

  • Calculation of thermal transmittance of layered constructions according the EN ISO 6946 standard, including the correct derivation of effective thermal conductivities with an iterative calculation approach (depending on the calculated temperature and humidity values), the correction for repeating thermal bridges, corrections for air gaps etc.
  • Calculation of water vapor diffusion according to the monthly method defined in EN ISO 13788 (Euro Glaser)
  • 2D thermal simulation to calculate the linear thermal transmittance of thermal bridges
  • 2D thermal simulation to calculate and check the minimum internal surface temperature of construction details (based on dimensionless temperature)

The service includes an online graphical interface (BPP) to input, manage and extend models and a simplified viewer that can be easily shared with customers or embedded into company websites where the designers can access the calculations and download a PDF summary of the calculation based on the parameter values they have selected. The generated results can be easily customized with company logos or other design elements as required.

Example 1: calcualtion of thermal transmittance
Traditional pitched roof buildup
Example 2: Thermal bridge simulation
Traditional pitched roof parapet wall detail. By changing the masonry type (parameter) the calculation updates automatically
Example 3: Richly parametrized thermal bridge simulation
External wall to internal wall interface with internal insulation

The calculation atlas is available for companies for a monthly subscription fee that depends on the type of calculations required and the number of models and parametrized cases. The simulation results (read only) are then available for free for the end users - the designning architects and engineers for example by embedding the result viewer apps into the company website. If you are interested in a 21th century solution for creating design aid material please contact us for a demonstration and to get a quote.